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Advanced Connections

We build a useful example: a converter between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales.

Basic Connections

Fizzygum lets you connect (or ‘patch’) widgets together to build useful tools…


The ‘Dashboards’ app is a powerful tool to create dashboards and visualise data.

Draw app

‘Draw’ is one of the sample apps in Fizzygum…

Hacking Fizzygum

Fizzygum lets you directly access and change the source code of any of its parts, which is very powerful to let you customise it, let’s see two examples.


Get the power of an entire Operating System at your fingertips.


Fizzygum lets you control the properties of pretty much anything via menus…

Mixing widgets

Fizzygum allows you to compose these widgets/documents/tools in powerful ways…


There are a couple of ways to persist data in Fizzygum, however…

Slides Maker

The Slides Maker is one of the sample apps in Fizzygum…