There are a couple of ways to persist data in Fizzygum.¹
However, “in-house” stable saving solutions are only available in private versions.²

In the meantime that these solutions make their way into the public version, the Fizzygum team can consult for you to tailor ‘saving’ functionality to your needs (save to file, save to cloud, connect to databases etc. ).

¹ Saving solutions:

  1. saving data with existing formats (e.g. markdown etc.). Advantages: compatibility. Disadvantages: works only with “plain” documents (no live documents, no documents within documents etc.)
  2. serialising objects graph. Advantages: fidelity. Disadvantages: needs some management of versioning of Fizzygum platform and documents
  3. deducing source code to generate content. Advantages: compactness, inspectability of source code, high-level semantics of source code preserved. Disadvantages: only possible with relatively simple objects.

² Why private beta:
Proliferation of saving solutions done without our help could be detrimental to the Fizzygum platform (due to degraded experience on third party sites, incompatibilities between sites, migration issues, security issues, etc.).
The Fizzygum team hence decided to withhold this functionality from public until we can package an open turn-key solution that minimises misuse and sub-par experiences.