Fizzygum for Lispers/Smalltalkers

Fizzygum and benefit from an enormous amount of influence/input from LISP/Smalltalk environments/users.

In particular, we share common viewpoints with the makers/users of LISP/Smalltalk residential systems:

  • the whole system can be inspected/customised from within itself for quick-turnaround changes.
  • a single web page can contain multiple spaces where many use cases of potentially very different nature can happen concurrently, and these spaces benefit from living in (and being connected within) the same page

Indeed, Fizzygum lets users inspect/customise any part of the system, in particular:

  • inspect any object and/or its class
  • control processes
  • connect objects into workflows
  • even control compilation details, since Fizzygum compiles itself at launch (unless a pre-compiled blob is given for faster boot)

Also we share the Smalltalk’s view that there is no distinction between files and applications. Instead, “files” are objects that carry with them the necessary functionality/UI to edit them.

However it’s also important to note some key distinctions:

  • Fizzygum doesn’t (yet) give advanced control on the runtime e.g. inspect the stack or a frame of the stack, and things like pause/resume on error
  • Fizzygum is not based on an image system

We are planning ways to get more input and participation from LISPers/Smalltalkers going forward. If you are one of them and want to share views/knowledge/experience, please get in touch.